Firefly toothbrushes – making brushing a bit more fun

We were recently sent new toothbrushes for the kids which were billed as ‘Designed to instil regular dental hygiene habits in children, while making the routine fun and enjoyable!’ This sounded excellent as I have a tough time getting my kids to:

a) let me help them brush

b)brushing long enough.

Well along came flashing Spiderman and flashing Hello Kitty  and sure enough as  long as they flash is as long as the kids brush! Simple but so effective. The kids press a button and they flash the light for 1 minute whilst they do their top teeth then they press again for the bottoom. The actually get excited about brushing their teeth!    

  These are America’s number one bestselling children’s toothbrush RRP. £1.49-£2.49 and are suitable for children age 2+. Firefly is available from Argos and Lloyds pharmacies



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  1. December 31, 2010 / 2:26 pm

    These look great I think they would be fab for Baba, my niece and nephew none of them clean their teeth for long enough will have to have a look I think xx

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