Find me a gift …

The find me a gift website asked me if I would like to review 2 of their products, one for me and one for the kids. Here is what I received

Love rugThis is a Love Rug priced £19.99 a sleeved blanket made of fleece for cuddling up with. I adore itand it makes me very sleepy!

The kids  got one of these:


A bubble wand  at a  very cheap and cheerful £2.49 gave them loads of fun for a long time – always a winner. Bubbles are always magical aren’t they?

Find me a gift is website jam packed with fab gifts and bargains galore. It has gifts for mothers day, christenings, men, women and  kids. Some are quite quirky too. I didn’t trial it but I love the look of this :

find me a gift

You pop this little light in your bath and get a full on bath lights show. Disco in the bath tub! Only a fiver too.

All in all I think find me a gift is a great little find.



  1. Becky
    March 4, 2011 / 6:55 pm

    Its pretty amazing huh Cass!

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