Find Me a Gift : cracking Christmas stocking fillers

We were sent some stocking fillers to revew from find me a Here is what we treid:

Love Hearts rubber stamps. Three stamps in the sweetie looking tube stamping red ink hearts with love me, Call me and  smile. Cost £4.49

loveheart stamp

I would have adored this when I was 12!

Next up we had the Panda spiral pet

spial setFor ages 6+. Really simple and lots of fun to make this hanging spiral pet out of card. Just £1.99. I ‘ll be getting the kids more of these!

Next we tried some Magic Choc

magic chocThis is basically moldable chocoate that doesn’need heating and that you can eat. We made snalkes, a crocodile and a puppy the gobbled them up!  Tasted okay not amazing but was great fun. £4.99

Last but not least our  favourite sticking filler

Rainbow Bead Jewellery Kit. It is a sweet little tin with over 70 colourful beads enough to make a bracelt and a necklace. we had tons of fun with it and it is lovely quality


So some really nice sticking fillers from and they have loads more!


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