Our Family Savings

When I think about our family savings it makes me smile. Not because they are massive (they are just slowly and steadily building) but because of what they are for. We have earmarked several different goals for this money and the things they are earmarked for are special occasions and situations that I am excited about.

Here are 4 of my savings goals.

1. One of the goals of our family savings is to one day get us all to Disneyland. Yes I know it costs loads and is a rather daft way to spend a fortune in just 2 weeks but oh… how I would love to take the kids.


Here I am in the Disney store not quite the same thing I know!

2. I also have a goal to enable both my children to go to University. I did 3 degrees no less!  and I so enjoyed my time studying. That was back in the day when you didn’t pay university fees whereas now it ‘s an expensive option. But I would like them to have that option.

3. My husband went travelling as a teenager all over Europe, to Hong Kong and Malaysia . He was away for 5 years in total. Mostly he worked but his parents did part support him. He had an amazing time, he appeared in a Chinese James Bond style movie and dug for gold in the Philippian jungle. He would love to be able for us to afford to support the children in traveling the world.

4. When I had my son  my whole world turned upside down and I longed with all my heart not to return to work. With creativity, ingenuity and a lot of thrifting we were able to make this happen. Parental support was really useful at this time. If my children wish to stay off work to care for their grandchildren I would love to be able to help them with this.

march 10-may 10 022

What absolutely precious days they were.

I think it’s so important to have a good savings account and get some money stashed away for the future it can make such a difference and bring about so much pleasure in your children’s lives.





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