Every child needs a family

At Christmas time my dad always insisted that we parted with three toys that were in very good condition before the big day to a local Children’s home. He would tell us how some kids did not have families of their own and how it was important to think about them and make sure they had nice things to play with too. He had a very big heart did my dad and I think the Christmas story made him think about every child needing a place to stay!

Everyone needs a family

What you are taught young often stays with you and I now do the same with my children. The thought of children without families has always made me very sad. My family were my whole world they gave me roots to keep me grounded and to help me feel safe. They gave me wings to fly with and always I carried their good wishes with me. I cannot imagine not having that. It is hard as a grown up to be without my parents but for a child. Just so sad and something we as a society have to think about.

Foster care is a long established option for children who cannot live with their own families for whatever reason. Some are emergency placement, some short term because a parent is ill for example. Some are long term options e.g. if a parent is in prison or has died or is substance misusing. There are so many different reasons why a child may end up in foster care.

Some foster cares are registered to the local authority and some to independent agencies such as Capstone foster care www.capstonefostercare.co.uk  More foster carers are always needed. Children need homes, they need security and nurturing. And whilst group children’s homes do exist a child is best placed within a family environment in almost all occasions.

Thinking about these kids just once a year like my family do isn’t going to give them the home they need though obviously all levels of support are needed.

Could you be a foster carer? Have you ever thought about it?




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