Essentials for New Mums

As a new mum, you will receive tons of advice from your family and friends on what you need to do or buy for you and your baby. Everyone seems to have their opinion when it comes to essentials for new mums to help make their life comfortable. However, here is a list of the top 5 essentials that you should not miss out on as a new mum.


Essentials for New Mums

A Baby Approved Carry-All Tote

Having a baby changes your daily routine in several ways. For example, if you want to leave the house, you need to carry a lot of baby stuff like diapers, feeding bottles, extra clothes, pacifiers and much more. The thought of carrying all this stuff as you step out of the house may seem overwhelming. However, having the right bag to carry them will relieve you of some stress! With all the options available nowadays, you should consider looking at handmade tote bags from brands like Mirta due to their skilled artisans making everything by hand by using the finest Italian leathers (hello durability!). Tote bags are of the utmost importance because you can literally carry everything, and then some.

Unscented Creams

New born babies are sensitive and may react to strongly scented creams and toiletries. In addition, they love natural scents which makes it easy for them to identify their mum or dad. Therefore, you may consider getting unscented body wash, lotions and creams especially in the first few weeks or months. Additionally, you may smooth breast milk over your nipple after bathing to remove any foreign taste or smell that may have been left behind by the body wash or lotions. Your baby’s comfort is paramount!


Essentials for New Mums


Well Fitted Nursing Bras

Consider investing in a good number of nursing bras. Your breasts are likely to enlarge following the milk build-up and your usual bras may no longer fit. Therefore, get fitting bras to give you a smooth breastfeeding experience and for the health of your breasts. A good nursing bra should be made from a soft, stretchy and non-abrasive material. Additionally, it should have an easy one-hand access leaving the other hand free for your baby. The more comfortable your nursing bra is, the smoother the breastfeeding journey, which let’s be honest, already is not a smooth task for all women. If you are not sure of the right bra for you, you should get a professional fitting to ensure that you buy the perfect size for extra comfort.

Loads of Sheets for Your Bed, as Well as Your Baby’s

It is important to have several pairs of sheets for you and your baby to avoid feeling overwhelmed when they get dirty or wet. Consider getting cotton sheets since their fabric is smooth and baby-friendly. Additionally, ensure that they are washed with baby-friendly detergents and left to air dry to protect the baby’s sensitive skin.

A Kitchen Full of Healthy Foods and Recipes

With a newborn baby, it may be hard to find time to eat properly especially if your baby is the fussy type. Therefore, ensure that your kitchen is full of healthy foods and recipes that require less preparation and cooking time. Eat healthy foods for the sake of the baby’s milk. You should include more fruits, vegetables and natural smoothies and avoid lots of processed or fast foods!


With the above new mum essentials, you will have a smooth transition to your new, beautiful phase of life. Of course, it won’t be without bumps along the way, but it’s all just so worth it!


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