Easter Egg Fun for £1

Today  – Easter Egg Fun for £1


Easter Egg Fun for £1

These refillable plastic eggs from Asda are great fun and can be used year on year for egg hunts in the garden. They are just perfect to be filled with pop corn, jelly tots, smarties or mini eggs. They are weather proof and can be used again. What is not to love, bring on the egg hunt! (We were sent some to review and they a good size and robust!)

My daughter popped a Moshi monster in one and gave it as a gift so actually these are great for kids you don’t want to give sweet stuff to also!)

These easter egg hunt tokens also save on the chocolate overload and lead to a fun half hour hunting in  the garden too and again can be used each year. Just £1!

Last but not least you have to have a bag to collect your Easter eggs up in (or just to look stylish on Easter day!) this fab fun felt Bunny Bag is also just £1.

Buying items you can use again is always a really smart investment.


Are you ready for Easter?


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