EA Sports Active 2 is out on Friday!

Forever on a mission to lose weight and tone up my mummy tummy without paying for the gym,

 I have heard that the eagerly anticipated EA Sports Active 2 is out on Friday.

EA SPORTS Active 2 includes a heart rate monitor and over 70 different exercises to choose from, allowing you to personalise every workout, and is out this Friday and available on all formats.  I would love this Santa Claus ( if you’re reading) and I would like it on the Wii please I am sure it would shift my little jelly belly

As you can see the video shows  Olympic Gold Medalist Victoria Pendleton, Sky Sports presenter Ben Shephard and celeb mum Melinda Messenger working out together in the living room using EA SPORTS Active 2! Worth watching for Ben alone and oh I would love to look like Melinda and be as fit a s Victoria. Watch this space!

P.S Dear Santa it is only £79 still  much cheaper than a year at the gym. Head over here to find out more about the EA Sports Active 2


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