Do you have savings for a rainy day ?

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Today  is a rainy day. Well it’s a rainy day for me. Actually it is rather snowy here so I’m not being accurate at all!

Today on the way to school the car started to judder (a lot) I had to pull over and call my sleeping husband to come to the rescue. The kids thought being  late and having daddy come to the rescue was very exciting. I really didn’t. I just saw £ signs, Turns out I had a flat tyre but wouldn’t you believe it 3 were in a bad state so I actually had to fork out £150.

That was not all.

A job I thought I had totally in the bag was reallocated today costing me several hundred pounds.


My son just put a big hole in the last pair of school trousers he had that didn’t make him look like an audition for Oliver Twist.

I am a bit fed up .

We live very carefully financially and just manage, when extra money is needed that’s when it can all start to feel really tough. I so wish I had a big rainy day fund for times like this. I have tried a few times.

One year I had a terrimundi by the front door that had Mums Rainy Day Pot written on it. I would throw in all my spare change. Trouble was once I broke into it the pot was broken for good and my hubby (who bought it me) was cross I had opened it before it was full (well it cost him £16 and I think I broke into it when there was only about £20 in it!)

So next time I used a jamjar and I just kept putting money in and taking it out daily. The savings never grew. This was far too accessible.

saving for a rainy day

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Next I started a rainy day account with my bank that you couldnt access for 30 days. But when I needed to pay a plumber for an emergney washing machine repair that wasnt too handy.I had to borrow the money elsewhere first before I could access my savings.

So what is a girl to do?

I ‘d love to hear your rainy day saving suggestions. Do you stash your spare cash under your bed, give it to your mum, swap it for gold? I need your pearls of wisdom please.




  1. Lesley
    February 6, 2012 / 9:10 pm

    We use the same system for mid-term activities, but put a label on it to remind us not to touch it.

    There’s never enough for a trip to Disneyland, but it’s almost like a free activity for the hols.

  2. Becky
    February 6, 2012 / 9:17 pm

    Thats fab good for you

  3. Kate
    February 8, 2012 / 10:34 am

    I am teaching Youngling to save for a rainy day by putting his pennies in his novelty money box. So then if he wants to go somewhere or buy something we will have to use his pennies 🙂 Hopefully teaching him the value of money I wish I’d learnt when I was younger xx

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