Do Lists Save you Time and Money?

Do Lists Save you Time ?

Busy, busy, busy and finding it hard to keep your to do list in your head and on your mind.

Well my advice is stop and write it all down, that way you don ‘ t have to remember anything apart from where you put what you wrote down.

Budget wise it pays to be organised.

If you know you have to buy stamps, milk, collect a parcel and drop a PE kit at school you could perhaps do all this on one trip out in the car. You can end up making several trips if you don’t have a plan.

If you need essentials from the supermarket it is always a good idea to write a list. Otherwise you might miss off some thing crucial like toilet paper and pay lots more for it form a local store.

Meal planning is an excellent was to budget ..simply making a list of the meals you are going to eat during the week making sure perishables get used up and food waste is averted

This can save you a small fortune!



My preferred place to write lists is a in a lovely notebook that I carry in my handbag as I am less likely to lose lovely stationery – scraps of paper and the backs of  envelopes invariably just get chucked away.

I love lists.

Every morning I write myself a to do list and tick off what I have achieved transferring remaining to do’s over to the next day. I am sure this makes me more focused and productive which increases the work I am able to firt in between kids.

Are you l a list person? Do you think they save you time and money?






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  1. Aimee Joseph
    September 18, 2013 / 11:19 am

    Where is that notebook from? It’s gorgeous!

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