How to choose a highchair

How to choose a highchair

As one of the more expensive baby essentials, a high chair is vital to get right. Safety, comfort and adjustability are all top priorities when choosing a chair but it doesn’t stop there.

Here are the top six things to consider when picking a high chair for your little one.

how to choose a highchair


The vast majority of high chairs list both their age recommendations and weight capacity. As a rule of thumb, high chairs are suited for kids up to three years of age, and hold up to a weight of 50lbs.

All seats have a harness or restraint belt to keep little ones seated and in position during feeding time. Youngsters like to wriggle, so make sure any wheels on your highchair are locked in place, and the same with any trays and handles.


The key to saving money, and not having to replace your highchair as your child grows, is purchasing a flexible and adjustable high chair. It should sit comfortably next to your dining table so parents and guardians can feed without straining. Many high chairs can recline and feature a footrest so your child can be supported as they develop.


We all know that feeding babies can an arduous, messy task, but also that hygiene is key, and keeping youngsters free from germs and bugs is a top priority for parents. Choosing a high chair with a removable tray – so it is easy to clean or is even dishwasher safe – and a wipe-friendly cushion will see that harmful nasties come nowhere near your baby. Selecting a seat with a machine washable cushion is also beneficial, but if not, Milton anti-bacterial surface wipes are a popular choice.


Ensuring your baby is happy, comfy and safe shouldn’t come at the expense of your home being a place you can be proud of. Many new high chairs are made from super-strong plastic, but most of the time this doesn’t fit with your décor. For that traditional yet glamorous look, choose a wooden baby high chair to complement your interior design. Safe TOTS offer a wide range if you need somewhere to get started.


Dinner time only represents a small portion of your child’s day, so why should their high chair take up a large proportion of your kitchen or dining room? Choosing a chair that easily folds away will prevent it from becoming a trip hazard and getting in the way of your home life.





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