Divorce with dignity and choose child-inclusive mediation

It’s difficult to hear the word divorce and imagine anything positive about the process, however, there is a less stressful, cheaper and more dignified alternative than dragging the whole family through a lengthy court process. That alternative is child-inclusive mediation.

Divorce with dignity


Why mediation is different

Divorce can put a lot of stress on a family. Separating is difficult for both adults and children, but going through the court systems can be far more upsetting for children. Unlike solicitors, mediators act in the interests of all the parties involved and aim to make the experience less distressing for all members of the family.

During the mediation process, mediators aim to bring your divorce or separation case to a mutually agreeable resolution.  This gives all parties involved more control by putting the decision making in their hands rather than leaving it to a judge in a court hearing. Mediators will listen to parents and children’s views and opinions on matters such as shared care and the dividends of property and will then try to find a solution that suits everyone involved.


Is mediation expensive?

Mediation is generally a more cost effective and quicker forum to solve disputes. This reduces legal fees and means mediation takes less time than going to court, which reduces emotional tax too.

By coming to a quicker agreement between parents, this allows lawyers to do their part more effectively, cutting down their costs significantly and again keeping families out of the family courts which further reduces stress and anxiety levels.


Child inclusive mediation

Keeping children out of the family court can be very important to many families, but children can feel anxious if they feel they haven’t been involved in the process. This is why child inclusive mediation aims to include children at all times, giving them a say in their future.

Child-accredited family mediation specialist, Marcia Lister, of Marcia Mediation, says of the importance of child-inclusive mediation: “Inclusive child mediation prevents children from feeling powerless about their situation, when many are mature enough to have a say in their future. Even if the children are not old enough to make a decision in their future, mediation will allow them to feel less ‘left-out’ when it comes to decision making on their behalf and reduces stress on the family as a whole.”


For more information on mediation, visit www.marciamediation.co.uk

Marcia Mediation, based in Greater Manchester, is a child-inclusive family mediation specialist, run by Marcia Lister, a qualified family lawyer, mediator and qualified child consultant. Marcia aims to maintain dignity throughout divorce or separation, having worked as a mediator since 2004, on divorce, civil partnership and separation cases.




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