Disney Princess for the Storio

I have reviewed the Stoprio before sometime last year bit if you missed it here is a little recap of my thoughts.

STORIO, the world’s first animated e-reading book for children. It was developed in response to new research that discovered mums were hungry for electronic learning products that specifically help with their child’s reading. Through the Storio children interact with the story as they read, listening to the words along the way, pressing on any new or difficult words to explain what they mean. It’s big, easy to hold, brightly coloured and easy to use and it definately encourages reading.  I felt really funny (uncomfortable, not haha funny, about this product to start with). I taught my son to read (along with his school) bit by bit, hour upon hour, helping him  sound out words and  guiding him and it was an absolute labour of love. I didn’t want a machine to usurp me with my daughters reading!  Nevertheless. with reservation, I was happy to give it a go.

Storio e-reader form Vtech

I have to say we first took the Storio along to GG (Great Grandmas) 90th birthday party and my 3 year old sat totally absorbed listenig to to Toy Story 3 being read, watching the cool animations and turning the pages of the Storio by pressing the key pad. It certainly kept her occupied for a good part of a 4 HOUR!!! party. My son loved the games (he’s 6) and both were enchanted and found this reader extremely easy to use.

Entertainment over – we were ready to go a bit more advanced!

With 2 different play modes, the Reading System has been designed to develop confidence with reading and words . In ‘ Watch the Story’ mode , children read along with the narrative and press on difficult words to access the story dictionary and learn their meaning. Reading games can also be played, children can interact with the story and learn more about phonics, letters, vowels and more. Suitable for children aged between 3 to 7, each new VTech cartridge opens up a new story, words and games. I do think the VTech Storio Animated Reading System is an excellent way to SUPPORT reading and language skills. It keeps a child quiet, entertained, learning and happy (not to be underestimated) Anyway  nearly a year on and Annalise still really loves her Storio so when Vtech send us their new Diney princess cartruidge she was in girly Disney haeaven. 

Disney Princeess for Storio is suitable for 3-5 year olds, It features animated stories about Cinderella and Belle  a chance to watch the story  read the story and interact with it by touching the screen to see fun animations. It also contains 8  reading games and a story dictionary. These stories are centred around gifts and are delightful as you would expect. Annalise is totally entranced and I have had to prize her away!  It will definately grow with her, for now she attempts a few games and loves watching the story and pressing to make things happen. 

I rather stupidly showerd her the range now she is after Tinkerbell!  There are lots of great titles in the Storio range and I have to say I initially thought these were pricey. Now we have some experience of the Storio I would say they work on so many levels; the games are engaging and interesting and I really Think the cartridges are well worth the money.


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