Designing a Valentine’s card with Monogram Maker

Why home-made valentine’s cards are the best

if ever there was a time to hand-make a card it would have to be for Valentine’s day. I absolutely hate the commercialism of Valentine’s day and yet I love the idea of the day. It should all be about showing how you feel in my opinion not how much you spend.

Money spent has no reflection on what you feel for someone.

Making your own card indicates time and effort and shows the card recipient you really care.


Oh, I have been having so much fun using Monogram Maker to design my own Valentines card. Monogram maker is a free monogram making online tool – let me tell you how it works.


How to use the Monogram Maker tool

It could not be easier to use this monogram maker  – all you do imply type your letters into the monogram generator (you can pick 1,2,3,4,5 letters or more), pick a monogram font, and then pick a  monogram frame. Once you have taken those simple steps the super simple and speedy online tool will let you create your perfect design.

I love to showcase thrifty finds with you and this one is absolutely brilliant. You can get started using this monogram maker free straight away. If you do have a go please pop back and show me your design I would be so excited to see it!


My card!

I took inspiration for making my card by using the letter J and a love heart lock. I will print it out onto white card I think. Isn’t it the cutest?

Monogram Maker


Other uses for the monogram maker

I do think this monogram maker is actually a lovely little find. I think it would work perfectly for making wedding invites, encircling 2 initials in a beautiful frame. It would also work really well as a Christening invitation for a budget Christening idea  – the babies initials could be presented in a lovely and appropriate frame (perhpas bunny ears, castles or unicorns?) there is so much choice and I am sure you would find something appropriate for any kind of invitation or card actually.

Not only is it far cheaper to make your own cards, but these invites or cards would also be personalised making them super special.


Making it even more thrifty

If you want to make your card /invite making even more thirfty you could make a card online and simply email it, reducing your printing and postage costs and at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.  So simple to do when you have made the product yourself online in the first place.

Monogram Maker is perfect for creating logos too

I have been thinking for a while that my blog could do with a little logo and I think the monogram maker would be a fabulous way to do this. So, I think this will be my next project on there, using the BB from Baby Budgeting to make something special.

What a wonderful tool it is and I just love it is free.


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