Deep Dish Chicago Town Pizza Review


Today we have a Deep Dish Chicago Town Pizza Review

Have you come across Chicago Town’s Deep Dish range is – AKA the  “little superhero in the freezer”


Deep Dish Chicago Town Pizza Review

It is just perfect for family occasions such as movie night, on-the-go snacking and post-school snacks and actually a whole host of other occasions. It is my emergency not planned for playdate failsafe. Almost every kids love cheese pizza..

It really is just the tastiest pizza, really yummy. With a lovely base too. We think it’s the best frozen pizza we have tasted.

My hubby (who is a bit of a connoisseur) declared it better than a takeaway and I think I would have to agree. We are veggie so we chose the four cheese deep dish pizza  which consists of melted mozzarella, mature cheddar, Monterry Jack and Emmental cheeses on their signature tomato sauce. You get 2 to pack and it great value.


You can either pop them in a microwave for a 3 minute speedy snack  or 22 minutes in the oven.

So where do we eat ours?

Well I am really of the firm opinion pizza is not just for dinner!

After a late night out with the boys they made the perfect brunch for my OH, and give him a much need boost of energy.



They also make a perfect little after school snack with salad for my daughter. On the occasions when she has a packed lunch at midday and sport after school  a quick slice of pizza is a great way to keep her going in between. We like to eat as a family and sometimes that means dunner s going to be late. This is a perfect little stop gap.

I also like to pack it up for my OH to take to work and a little slice of pizza makes such a nice change from sandwiches. He likes ait cold but sometimes gives it a quick re-heat depending on how he feels.

And for me?

Well it  is a great little pre tennis snack for me.

To be fair I could pretty much eat these pizzas any time at all!

I’d love to know, do you just save pizza for dinner?




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