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Thank you

As a nation, Brits are renowned for knowing how to ‘mind their P’s and Q’s’ – however research released today by Philips has shown that in fact UK residents are forgetting to say thank you to their nearest and dearest on a daily basis.

I recently hosted a party for lots of little kids and I have to say I was pretty shocked how few pleases and thank you there were.

The survey on behalf of Phillips of over 1,000 Brits* revealed almost two fifths (39%) admit to forgetting to say thank you to others for everyday things despite 82% saying they long for more thanks from others for the little things they do.

The average Brit claiming to say thank you 6.9 times a day but apparently our gratitude is more likely to extend to an unknown who opens a door for us (60%) than to a friend who picks the kids up from school (25%) or cooks us a meal (20%).

People say they are too busy to say thank you but that on the whole when they do they feel a big burst of happy.

Phillips challenged me to spend a day focusing on saying thank you and lodging my results. Here is how it went…..

 “Too often we take our loved ones and friends for granted, or we assume they know how much we appreciate them. But we should never underestimate the power of a simple thank-you – or how great it feels when we go out of our way to remind someone that we really appreciate them.

I started the day by posting on facebook a big thank you to all my friends who have been so fabulous over the last 6 months since I have been ill. Life has been tough but they have seen me through with gifts of love, patience, kindness hugs and a listening ear. They have been a big part of me coming to terms with the changes in my life and slowly getting back to me.

It felt good to say thank you.

Then I posted on twitter a bunch of individual thank you’s for lots of different things.

This made me happy too.

I met someone for the first time yesterday who was giving me their time to support me. I texted them a BIG little thankyou today.

I thanked my children for taking the time to write their birthday thank you cards (with a little nudge from me) then I posted said thank you cards. That felt great too.

I thanked my husband for a cup of tea before bed and I fell into bed exhausted from being so grateful but thankful I had so many good things to say thank you for.


Philips is encouraging people to start celebrating those little everyday things people do for us with a Great Big Little Thank You. In order to show your gratitude to someone special for the little things they do post your thank you using the hashtag #BigLittleThanks. To find out more about the campaign visit and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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