Dates and times and getting in a muddle

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Like everyone else probably I used an ovulation calculator in order to help me get pregnant. Before I read up about all this sort of stuff I had no idea your chances were so slim or so limited each month! Using the calculator made all the difference. I had been starting to get worried. Turned out I just didn’t really have a clue.

Later on when Hurray! I realised I was pregnant I went online and used a due date calculator and got really confused. I had just counted 9 months form the day I found out. Suddenly 40 weeks and the day of your last period and all those sort of things had to be considered.

Why didn’t I know this stuff?

I conclude form the above I have a lack of knowledge and a general vagueness around times and dates.

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When I first had the kids I used to chuckle along with everyone else about baby brain. Truth is this is me I have always been the same.

I never know when inset dates are or when the clocks go back. I am always unsure when school breaks up and am always having to rely on sensible friends. I can trace this right back to my own school time table requiring a trustworthy mate to help me out. On holiday someone else always holds my passport and I never know what time we are flying,

I do get my kids to school on time each day and get their activities right but I find it hard / stressful/it’s a huge effort and only because I adore them.

I’d like to think all of this was due to me being a carefree person but I’m not particularly, I’m not lacking in intelligence either well not academically,  so what is it?  I think I’m often preoccupied and miss a lot of what is said or shared because my minds on some plan or idea I’ve had. That’s my excuse anyways! I do annoy myself though,

So if you ever see me looking vague I am very happy for you to give me a friendly nudge and a steer in the right direction. I most probably will need it I might ask you the time a lot or what’s happening when. You may then find I don’t leave your side and will be terribly dependent on you knowing everything!  I’ll buy you a coffee and make you laugh in return.

I so hope my kids are more clued up than me!


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