Classic Toys to invest in: Brio

I have spent little bits of money on flimsy toy train track and trians and I have to say what a waste.  Like many things you get what you pay for and if you buy tat you generally get tat. Some kids toys last a few months or weeks if you are very unlucky , But some interests hold for years. last week my son asked for his trians to come down from the lost and he then spent several hours building an elaborate system of track .

We have always bought brio train track because of its excellent quality. It really is fabulous and just so robust. The brio trains we bought five years ago are also still in great condition. Quality is really important in toys you want to last years and I really think these sets will be passed down to the nexct generation too. How special will that be…. to watch my grand kids playing with my son’s toys.

Wooden toys have a classiness about them that wthstand time in way that plastic toys just don’t. They look hommade and traditional and loved, not shop bought and tranistory.

Long live Brio we are so glad we invested in you.

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