Cheap Contact lenses Online and How to Buy Them

Cheap contact lenses are something every contact lens wearer would like to find!


Modern eye care

If you are looking for low-cost modern eye care you may well find yourself turning to the internet. It has revolutionised eye care

I wore glasses from the age of 3 and I have many memories of long waits at the very stuffy opticians that inexplicably smelt like n old library books and of feet. My extensive checks ups would be followed by lengthy fittings and zero choices when it came to getting my brown /pink NHS glasses. I hated it and I was always sad that I had to wear glasses.

And then around aged 16, I got contact lenses and I was just so absolutely delighted. I could wear makeup, go out in the rain without things getting misty and most importantly to 16 year old me kissing was easier!


becky goddard-hill


I still seemed to spend a lot of time and money at the opticians though.

Things have hugely improved since then and nowadays appointments and punctual, brief and efficient, choice is HUGE and fittings are speedy and accurate. Time has indeed massively improved eye care for the family

And of course, along came the internet.


Ordering cheap contact lenses online

You can save money considerably by taking your prescription and shopping online. This works especially well with varifocal contact lenses or other kinds of contact lenses as fitting isn’t an issue in the way it might be with glasses.

All you need in order to order cheap contact lenses online is

  • The brand name of your contact lenses i.e. Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Cibavision etc.
  • The prescription details for your contact lenses.

On the contact lens packaging, lens foil or your contact lens prescription will be written a series of numbers.


It couldn’t be simpler and it will save you considerably to purchase contact lenses this way rather than go to your opticians. Plus, at this time it is surely better to avoid going into stores if you don’t have to.

You can buy all sorts of contact lenses this way, bifocal, regular, coloured lenses even special effect contact lenses! You can get disposable contact lenses, lenses for astigmatism and even continuous wear contact lenses.

The online cheap contact lenses option is well worth exploring even if you do have a complex prescription.


Cheap Contact lenses


Cheap contact lenses you can trust

If you are a bit old school and think this all sounds too modern and your service can’t possibly be as good as going to your optometrist, I tell you think again,  this is the way forward.  began in 1996, and has developed from operating out of one small room to becoming one of the Internet’s most influential contact lens retailers. They have an average 5-star rating on Trustpilot and over 4 million successful deliveries. I think you could say that buying cheap contact lenses this way is becoming an established and cost-effective way forward.

Where do you get your contact lenses from?





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