Cardooo – Cards that are little gifts too!

Cardooo cards are brilliant!

I’m looking at the jolly pirate one now for a little boys third birthday In it he gets colouring, puzzles and some lovely stickers.

You are giving a gift in a card with Cardooo because they all contain a fun activity.

It can be difficult when you get a card for someone but  worry if maybe you should be giving them a little gift too. Well Cardooos seem to manage to be both a lovely card and a little thoughtful gift too. They are something special.

Have a look at their 12 days of Christmas card


They really do sell all sort of cards. Lots of the children cards are stories too which I think is a lovely idea . Anything that encourages kids to read is a good thing! Some of the get well soon cards are puzzle cards which are another great idea if you are stuck at home poorly.

Such a good idea!

Cards available from

I think these cards are very well priced at £3.50


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