Cadburys Spots and Stripes

Cadbury;s have an Olympic 2012 campaign, Spots v Stripes. ( which is actually a very yummy chocoate bar)Theyve just launched a new period of the campaign, called Race Season which is designed to get the nation’s fastest people to break Guiness World Records through simple, daily tasks. 

Here is my attempt ( I know I look very serius but I hve to follow the rules you know I am goung for Guiness world record here! 

I’m a stripe as you may have guessed and unfortunaely my time was VERY slow. Loads of fun though!

If you fancy getting involved head over to . My next challenge is to unravel loo roill as fast as I can


The school holidays are shaping up to be lots of fun. Maybe I’ll even let the kids have a go.

Cadburys did provide me with loo roll coins and okay yep a few choccy bars for the purpose of  this review.


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