Budget cruises with kids


I’ve been thinking about budget cruises with kids.

Have you ever been on a cruise?



I would love to take my children on a cruise.

I think it sounds such an exciting idea for a trip. Everyone I know who has done this has said it is just amazing and that their kids really enjoyed the experience.

I do hope I can make this happen for my kids,

Budget cruises with kids

I have been perusing cruise deals 2018  and I have been really surprised at some of the great value options available. I always thought Cruises were a really expensive way to travel and well out of our budget.

If you are looking to cruise on a budget there are some really good perks to look out for. Low-cost last minute deals can be a brilliant way of finding a really affordable holiday.  Companies like Cruise Nation also offers customers some amazing freebies too – they have Smart Cruise Packages which include free flights to free and extended stays, these packages are one of the best ways to save money, and get a little something extra from your next cruise holiday.

Kids eat and drink so much and want to go on everything, don’t they? With this in mind all-inclusive cruises meaning you can totally relax and know that everything has already been taken care of and that you will not be going over your budget.


So what are the benefits of cruising?

Well, your kids cannot go too far away so you can give them a freer rein than you would on a resort. They also get to experience something totally different and unique, they get to see several countries/ports rather than just one area. Another huge benefit is because you are not cooking/cleaning/doing the laundry you get to have real quality time with your kids. Everyone can relax and really enjoy the holiday.

Many cruises have kids clubs too so you will get a little romantic time to yourselves, there aren’t many holidays that cater to all ages but cruises really do offer that, with casinos and swimming pools, film clubs and dance classes. It is actually a brilliant idea for an intergenerational family holiday too as older people can get a great deal out of a trip like this also as well as fabulous quality time with their grandchildren.

It really is a good value way to give a whole family all a great vacation and a really fabulous experience.



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  1. January 25, 2018 / 9:16 pm

    Considering what you get for your money, I think cruises are the best type of holiday for families. Definitely booking last minute helps save a lot of cash

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