Bring the outside in with a retractable louvered roof

Bring the outside in with a retractable louvered roof


It’s been days but it feels like it’s been months looking out of the window, wanting to be outside, enjoying my garden like I used to do in the summer. Perhaps a bit dramatic from my side but it’s just the way I feel as I’m typing this and looking at my patio and the grey and dull sky above.

Warm summer days are my favourite, when it’s not too hot nor too cold, when I can be outside enjoying a cool breeze and a refreshing drink while reading a book. The perfect combination. I still enjoy being inside, reading a book and drinking a warm drink but it’s a different feeling.

You can see how happy I was when I found out about these retractable roofs in Ireland by Designer Shades. These are modern pergolas that feature a retractable and tilting roof to ensure you can enjoy being outdoors, no matter the weather. It sounds simply splendid.


Bring the outside in with a retractable louvered roof


Traditional pergolas are already stunning but probably not the best option for British homes as they don’t provide shelter from the rain. However, these modern pergolas are the ideal choice if you want a garden structure that will protect you from the elements. Its roof can easily open when the weather is pleasant, close if it starts to rain or simply tilt for some shade during hot summer days.

As this article on Motherhood the Real Deal mentions, “these innovative pergolas feature retractable and tilting louvred roofs that combine aesthetics and function. These are luxurious and stunning outdoor structures are the perfect way to enjoy your garden all-year-round protecting those underneath them from the changing weather conditions.”

Plus, Designer Shade’s retractable roofs can be installed as an extension to your current living space to bring the outside in or as a standalone structure in your garden, the perfect centrepiece for any outside space, if I do say so myself. These can be combined with side glass screens, heating and lighting to create the perfect outdoor/indoor space.



This article on The Oliver’s Mad House adds how these modern pergolas not only offer shelter from the weather but also have other benefits, from enhancing the value of your home to adding definition to your outdoor area and guaranteeing that you can make the most out of your garden all-year-round. What’s there not to like?


What do you think of these retractable louvered roofs?


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