5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Old Jewellery

Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Old Jewellery


Jewellery is more than just gold, silver, or diamonds. The cumulative of ancestral inspiration, craftsmanship, and emotion gives jewellery its value.

But gone are the times of getting social validation by what gems men and women adorned. We are moving towards a society that believes in the concept of sustainability or, saving our precious resources for the coming generations.

Precious jewels and gems are also constituents of non-renewable resources. It may be argued that those are just show-pieces meant for classes and not the masses. In reality, every sector of our society has a substantial contribution to the making of any piece of jewellery.

Let us see the flowchart of processes done on (for example) gold from the moment it is extracted to the moment it reaches our lockers. Many people who are a part of the process include

  • The group of people who extract and process gold
  • The group of people who sell it in retail markets
  • The group of people who invest in it by purchasing it

Obviously, ‘It’ is referred to as gold here. The point lies in understanding the importance of trading luxury goods on ground levels as well.

As mentioned above, more people are looking in the direction of a more sustainable society. In the context of jewellery, the concept is to circulate the existing pieces instead of ordering to make new ones.

It is quite obvious that this cannot be done on an individual level. Neither can the showrooms close themselves, nor will occasions cease to decrease in today’s world with a flourishing population.

By selling your old jewellery, you can make a big difference! 5 of the main reasons to sell your old jewellery are elucidated further:


#5 Reasons to Sell Your Old Jewellery

Gold prices have been rising exponentially over the year, rendering it an exceedingly enticing choice for individuals to sell old jewellery online. The big reason for owners to trade their gold, platinum, and silver may be to make money, but it’s not the only one. We’re going to discuss five reasons why you should sell your jewellery right away.


1.      It’s Good for the Environment

Modern mining of industrial gold kills biodiversity and produces massive quantities of radioactive debris.

Mining companies produce about 20 tonnes of hazardous waste for every 0.333-ounce gold ring. They use many dirty methods such as open pit mining and cyanide dump leaching.

Toxic waste can easily penetrate or be emitted in devastating spills, into groundwater sources. One or two large spills occur annually at the world’s estimated 3,500 dams constructed to contain mine waste.

Selling your vintage jewellery which would be of no use to you may take its place in the market and decrease the demand for mining.

2.      Help Victims of Blood Diamonds – if you sell it people buy it.

In America, its bling-bling, but in reality, its bling bang! The ‘symbol of love’ has a blood-stained history. If you worry about the carat, colour, or quality before buying a diamond, it is high time you also consider whether it is ‘ethical’ or not.

According to the World Diamond Council, ‘blood’ diamonds are unlawfully traded to finance conflicts in war-torn areas, especially in central and western Africa.

At the peak of the Sierra Leone civil war, it is projected that blood conflict diamonds accounted for roughly four percent of the world’s supply of diamonds.

Conflict diamonds constitute 4% of the global trade in raw diamonds, the diamond industry reports. Many have reported that as much as 15 percent of the total business could be in blood diamonds.

The bottom line, this brutal practice can be controlled if you choose to sell your precious diamonds. The series of happenings are quite understandable – more people sell off their diamonds, more people buy those.

Then, the demand for mining new ones lessens. Consequently, exploiting Africans also reduces.



3.      Clear the Clutter

If you’re trying to live more comfortably, eliminating clutter is one of the first steps towards a well-maintained house.

You know there’s worth in precious metals, and you don’t want to chuck the pieces away. Just because they’re something you cherished in the past doesn’t mean that forever you need to cling to them.

Because they’d been once offered to you, you can sell them and be rid of the responsibility of maintaining items.

4.       Monetise the Clutter

When was the last time you wore your great grandmother’s necklace after she handed it to you before passing away? Or did you use the silver sterling dining set?

Clean your jewellery box and keep the funds to use for more urgent items.

It is very often seen that individuals believe in monetising their gold or other precious holdings, especially jewellery and designer watches, when in desperate need of funds.

It has been found in most instances that money fixed on the sale of gold appears to be much below than one’s estimates but selling to someone who can see the subjective beauty of the piece can make something you don’t like surprisingly valuable.

People all over the UK are searching their home to sell their old luxury jewellery online to make a bit extra.


Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Old Jewellery

5.      Feel Good for Recycling

Even though Phoebe failed to prove the accuracy of an ‘unselfish’ good deed, selling your old jewellery somewhere hangs between charity and profits too.

For example, you know certain pieces you own would be rare designs. And because of that, you would get a good price and the buyer will get a great piece of jewellery.

Deals like these would not just reap you benefits to you but also others. After all, the feeling of giving away is glorified enough because it is true.


Concluding, mums in need of Christmas cash plan to sell their jewellery online. The internet revolutionises the trade of used diamonds and jewellery and continually puts the company out of the hands of old-fashioned pawnshops.

It has always worked as a type of portable property that can be sold when needed. Jewellery was initially bought as a form of protection against hard times, for all the elegance of design and sentimental associations.

Jewellery now is not only a significant source of emergency cash but selling it reaps advantages – not to the individual but the society at large.



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