Breakfast oats on the go

Quaker Oats have recently launched new Oat So Simple Porridge Pots. and they sent me a few pots to trial. You  just add hot water, stir, wait and enjoy! The quick and easy porridge is made with Quaker’s quality wholegrain oats and with skimmed milk powder. They taste delicious and ome in 3 different flavours – Original, Golden Syrup and Apple & Blueberry – Golden syrup is my

I’m a bit rubbish about having breakfast but this is as simple to make as a cup of tea and even if you are off to work or someone’s house first thing you can just pop one of these in your bag. They cost 99p. They are creamy and filling and are ready in just 2mins. What’s not to like!

Oats are great for you they fill you up and they help reduce cholestrol.  if you want more information on this nip on over to the quaker oats website

If you love your oats do alkso check out my recipe for  Breakfast oatmeal cake


 breakfast oats on the go


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