Bop It Beats Review

We were delighted to be asked to do a Bop It Beats Review.

My kids love the original bop it and get really competitive about it. I have to say I have been known to play with it for quite some time too and to get rather over excited if I beat the kids scores!

We were delighted  to be sent Bop it beats to review. Our postie said it made noises in her bag all down the street and made her giggle!

This is a musical  version of the classic Bop It! game. It  is like the original but with pop music and some fun new dimensions. You can choose from 5 games and it is fast moving fun and frustrating! You can play it by yourself or with friends and it will really make you laugh.

Bop It Beats review

Our bop it beats is from Asda and really well priced at £14 (it is currently £23 on Amazon so a great saving) I think this is a great idea for a fun Christmas gift that all the family will play with  and keep coming back to. It will definitely break the ice at a family Christmas party and is actually a really nice gift to take with you for a whole family (more fun than a staid old box of biscuits right?) The kids got the hang of it quickly and enjoyed it a lot. I *might* have had a little go too!



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