Books on a budget + kids and kindles

Just a little post to tell you something fab I found out yesterday. For Chrismas I was lucky enough to be given a Kindle. Yesterday I found out my Kindle is supereasy for my 6 year old to use. This is brilliant news .It’ s always in my bag  and I can stock it up very cheaply. It even displays pictures.  I recently downloaded Alice in Wonderland for free and both kids were entertained fo 1/2 hour  whilst out and about and caught short by the rain. Cool! He’s now reading charlie and the Chocolate family in it. Okay its not a BOOK with glossy covers and pages to be turned..but it is still reading, stroy telling and you know what? It is better for the environment and I’m pretty sure our kids willbe using e-readers at sceondary school rather than back breaking backpacks full of books so…..I’m really chuffed!

Product Details

On a different note LIBRARIES are still my top budgeting activity trip. They defy the Bristish weather, have spaces for little ones to play and they are FREE! and full, full, of full of  endless entertainment .




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