Best baby skincare products

 We ladies often spend our time lamenting the loss of our baby soft skin as it crinkles and creases, but in reality, baby skin can be hard to care for. Sensitive skin is prone to rashes and preventing these can take a little more than simple washing and drying.  We’ve rounded up some of the must-haves for looking after little one’s skin the best baby skincare products.


Bubble Bath

                baby skincare

                Earth Friendly £6.65 – by Ethical Superstore        

Top rated by happy customer’s e-ratings on the ethical superstore site, this uniquely blended organic bubble bath is scented with lavender to aid sleep but is also available in calming chamomile and fruity mandarin varieties. And, this is also a product that is kind to animals as well as children, with of the ingredients tested on our furry friends.

Monkey muslin Squares

Cheeky Monkey Muslin Squares £10 – by Next

Great for mopping up little accidents, these embroidered squares from Next are extra cute. Muslins are softer than your average bib and so kinder to sensitive skin and they are easy to wash too!

Natural nappy cream

baby skincare

                                Green People Nappy Cream – by Ethical Superstore

The last thing you want to put on a rash is a product that contains harsh chemicals, which is why Green People make this natural nappy cream, which is free from parabens, phthalates, artificial chemicals, petrochemicals and colourants and is 99.9 per cent certified organic too, to help your little ones grow up greener.


Hypoallergenic baby wipes


Beaming Baby Organic Baby Wipes (pack of 72) – by Ethical Superstore

Baby wipes are one of those things that you can get through in the truckload when you have a little one and when it comes to maintaining baby soft skin, these organic wipes provide extra peace of mind.               




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