Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Bedroom Ideas for Couples – it is important when designing a bedroom that everyone has their needs accounted for and it is not just the chief bedroom designer whose wishes are considered.

For parents, the bedroom is probably the only toy free zone in the whole house and as such a special place to come to relax and unwind. it is safe to say that your little on e will most probably come into your space a lot) but ultimately it is a space to be grown up and plastic toy free. You will want to make it simply lovely – a sanctuary for your both to have time together and to be fully refreshed and recharged.

So what do you need to consider when looking at bedroom ideas for couples? Read on for some top tips:


Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Bedside tables

Even if space is short do not sacrifice having a bedside table each. They are just the handiest things to leaves phones on and a reading book, to store precious bits and bobs like diaries and eye masks, pillow sprays, condoms, snoring aids, ear plugs and so on. They are also really handy for resting your reading lights on. An essential and definitely one each!


Own favourite pillows

My OH likes feather pillows and I totally cannot stand them. It is each to their own where pillows are concerned in my opinion and I think it is important to check in with yourself and your partner about pillows before you buy and about pillow cases. I like silk as it stops my hair form frizzing and he likes brushed cotton. You spend 8 hours a night with your head on a pillow so it is really important to get this right.


Bedroom Ideas for Couples

 Bedroom Ideas for Couples – the bed!

The bed needs to be right – it needs to be right for both of you to fit in well and comfortable and you need to take in to account both height and weight and the sort of space you like. I don’t know about you but i absolutely  cannot bear to be touched b when I am sleeping I like lots of space so a big bed is crucial to my mind when designing a bedroom for a couple.

If you want to read more tips on what helps when choosing a bed then take a look at this blog post on things to consider when choosing a new bed

In order to get a great nights sleep you absolutely need to give this a lot of consideration and make sure you get it right for both of you.


Adequate storage

Do you both have room to store your stuff or have you dominated the wardrobe relegating your partner to just a few drawers? Everyone needs the storage they need so after a great declutter evaluate what you need and include it in your design plan. Don’t forget as Marie Kondo would say  bin it if it doesn’t spark joy and get your folding up to speed to make the most of the space you have!


So there you have it – some key things to consider in regard to bedroom ideas for couples. It has to work for you both so you are entirely happy there. Get the basics right for bedroom harmony!


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