How to help your child get a good nights sleep

How to help your child get a good nights sleep

Thanks to our fab sponsors easyblinds for this editorial.

Spring has truly sprung now and our cherubs are likely to be springing out of bed a little earlier than we might like..!  In many cases, a good blackout blind works wonders and gives us some more precious sleep time.

Easyblinds blackout blinds work because, unlike many other so-called blackout blinds, they don’t have those gaps around the sides/top/bottom that allow light in to the room.  It is as simple as that.  They really work and they don’t cost the earth!

All parents know that a good night’s sleep is essential to our wellbeing and health, and this also applies of course to our children, so an effective blackout blind in their room can benefit us all!

As the days begin to lengthen and brighten, a blackout blind really helps to keep our children sleeping for the length of time they need – going to bed at the right time even when it is still light outside, and sleeping long after the sun has risen.  I’m not an expert (apart from the extent to which I might qualify having had three children..?!) but consistent bed and waking times have always worked for me.


Easyblinds blackout blinds sit on the window behind any existing curtains or blinds, and are available in white and cream so that they won’t clash.


Available at and


Tomorrow I have an amazing competition for you  I have 3x easyblackout (velcro) blackout blinds to give away (3 winners, one prize each) in winner’s choice of white or cream.  Each one fits a window up to 2m x 1.3m



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