Bashful Bunny from Hello Baby

We were given the Jelly Kitten Bashful Bunny Small Size to trial by those lovely people at Hello Baby (Price: £5.99)  Hello Baby  describe this little cuddly Bashful Bunny from Jelly Kitten as

                                 ‘a cute little long eared bunny which will be your child’s best friend ‘

 My 2 year old Lisi described it as ‘mine!’ as she grabbed it to her.

bashful bunny

She loved it and stroked it’s snuggly fur for ages. Bashful Bunny is soft and plush and a great size for a toddler. He went to bed with her, came  out to the park with us all the next day and was solemnly introduced to all the other rabbits and woodland type cuddlies in her collection. He was a big hit.

I think Bashful Bunny was very reasonably priced for it’s excellent quality  and would make a  really lovey gift for a little one.

Hello baby

There are lots and lots of unusual chic and really rather special baby things over at Hello Baby Direct. I do recommend taking a look  x


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