5 speedy bank holiday saving tips

Bank holidays can really trip us up can’t they? We think we have our budget all sorted and along comes a bank holiday. We often ended up buying many many plants at garden centres or deciding on pizza and a film with the kids or a family trip out to the seaside. We need some speedy bank holiday saving tips to see us through.

So how do we save money on bank holidays ?

Well there a few things you can do:


  1. Plan, plan, plan, plan, plan.  Okay that is 5 things. But planning really helps with money saving, as it stops impulse spending. You need a plan for a rainy day and a plan for a nice day both of which are fun and inexpensive and which you have budgeted for. Going to see all the baby ducks and lambs and calves we can find is my kids FAVOURITE way to spend a Spring bank holiday.
  2. Look for money off vouchers for everything you fancy doing from eating out to day trips.
  3. Make sure you take advantage of bank holiday deals, for example if you pop over to  Bank holiday at Tesco you will find some brilliant bargains and this could make your bank holiday feel like a real treat.
  4. Remember bank holidays don;’t have to be about  spending money, baking with the kids, a family walk, crafting, a good film on the telly are all lovely ways to rest relax and regroup as a family and are times like these can really rejuvenate you. Sometimes we we just try too hard bad get stressed and over spend. Simple things are often really undervalued but much much nicer.
  5.  Get organised and get inviting… having friends over is a always fun for yourselves and for the kids. Arranging a get together where everyone brings a dish is guaranteed fun and really low cost so do  be creative and gather friends and family and it will be a bank holiday to remember.

bank holday saving tips


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