Banana boat clear ultramist sunscreen – a review

Moaning does my head in and sunscreen always causes moaning in our family.

My kids both have a ‘todo’ with sunscreen, but they are both fair and young  and it features heavily in our summers.. They hate the gloopy feel , the look of it on their skin, the sticky feel .  They squirm when sand gets stuck on it, they don’t like it being rubbed in or how long it takes  or how it makes their clothes stick to them. I can’t stand the bottle getting sticky and leaking in my bag and the kids moaning! 

 We went to Scarborough last week and the sun shone beautifully.

 We had some new sunscreen to try Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 30 clear mist (this was suitable for the whole family but many of the products in the range are higher factor and baby specific)


What an absolute REVELATION  Banana Boat’s clear ultramist is so different! So easy. You don’t need to rub or squirt you  just spray this fine clear mist and with a sweep your little one  are covered but can’t see anything. GENIUS!  No white patched, no stickiness and it is VERY water resistant (£11.99.) My kids thought this was a huge improvement and it stopped me having gloopy hands and the bottle didn’t have stuff stuck to it either!

 It also comes enriched with aloe vera which gives it a cooling effect for hot skin.

I was a bit nervy about spraying mist on their faces but didn’t need to.  A little balm like stick for ears and noses and around the mouth came too and it was again simple and easy to use  (£6.99.)

Loving the fact this takes mere seconds and loving the lack of sticky mess everywhere  .I’m loving these products ! Can we now have a bit more sun please!


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