Baby Budgeting’s new sponsor: EasyBlinds

EasyBlinds are fabulous!  Who wants fiddly blinds to set up and attach when they have a little one and who wants their little one to wake up becausde the black out doesn’t completely black out?  

It is ‘THE website for blackout blinds, complete blackout kits, roller blinds, temporary blinds, blackout material, and more…’

You can be sure you get complete blackout from all their blinds and there is such a variety.  You can get kits to go anywhere with you just attach suckers to windows, you can keep current window dressings in place and attach the blinds with velcro behind them , they sell black out fabric roller blinds in fun designs, you can  block out light on your buggy with the snooze shade they sell and you can block out light for presentations too. Great stuff. 

Over to Audrey Buck from EasyBlinds to tell you a little bit about her fabulous business.

Easyblinds started when my middle child wouldn’t sleep with any light at all, and it all began with me sellotaping bin liners to her window to block out the light!  This evolved in to our original Velcro blackout blind and when lots of friends and friends of friends wanted one, we thought we would try it as a business and it has grown from there.  It has been great because I wanted to work at home and be there for the children.  We are all mums at easyblinds, fitting it around our children.

Our products are a little different from standard blackout blinds – we aim to ‘block all the gaps’ so that we cut out as much light as possible!

What a great sponsor with excellent value products too. We are delighted to have you on board. !



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