Baby Swap or Shop (an eco-friendly way of meeting your families’ needs on a budget)

Guest post from Carroe Webster

As the recession continues, we are all feeling the pinch; particularly with growing children to cater for.  We are also approaching that time of year when every penny counts as those ‘Dear Santa’ letters are drawn up and the children need warm coats and new shoes for the harsh winter to come. It can be a very daunting time when your children are pulling on your ‘heart-strings’ and guilt mixed with emotions makes us spend money we haven’t always got.

Smart mums are recycling outgrown items to make room for the replacements as well as making a bit of extra cash to buy the next size up. is a caring community of parents and mums to be who are selling, swapping and buying new and used maternity, baby and toddler items, FREE of charge throughout the UK. 

This really is an eco-friendly way of meeting your families’ needs on a budget and knowing that you are helping other families too gives you a sense of satisfaction. 

Photo Credit: Ticklish moose

You can add an unlimited amount of ads with photos to enhance your sales whilst the ‘wanted’ section is useful if there is something specific you need. Easy category and local areas search facilities all make this site quick and simple to use.  You can opt to have your ad appear on the BSOS main Facebook wall too for maximum exposure and re-post unsold items in just one click.  It’s also worth signing-up so that you are one of the first to hear about new competitions and offers.

Other key areas of the website are the ‘Mums Forum’ where you can chat, share experiences and tips or see our featured award-winning products on ‘Mums Must Have’ page.  The Marketplace area has new services and products on offer as well as the main ‘Swap or Shop’ where you can find anything from babygrows to bouncers. There is an ‘easy-post’ option for a quick ad and any items you add for sale can be saved in drafts to finish later; perfect for busy parents!




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