How artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve production quality

Isn’t technology incredible?

I mean honestly where on earth would we have been over the last year if we did not have the means virtually to stay connected to one another. It has saved my sanity that’s for sure and enabled my self and my children to keep our relationships with others intact – which has both nurtured and sustained us. It is pretty incredible that at it’s heart technology has been responsible for something so emotionally important.

Essentially it has given use the means to have our eyes and our ears on our loved ones and for that I have a  huge gratitude.


Technology and writing

I’m a writer and I spend many a day crafting, thinking, dreaming up ideas and writing notes with pen and paper for my books. You would think my business as a wellbeing writer had absolutely no dependency on technology at all. But actually it does.

I depend on the internet for my research and to create my editorial plans and to share my work with my editors.  I use email to correspond with my publishers and illustrator.  I also publicise my books through social media once they are out there and of course we sell them over the internet too.

And the whole printing and publishing process from design and lay out to formatting depends on technology – I find it incredible.


How artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve production quality

Vision systems too are important to the printing process. They are in fact incredibly important to all production processes.

What are they?

Well  vision sensors are sensors  can perform  superfast product inspection. They links in to a production line  to deliver both immediate inspection and  ensure faulty products are recalled.  In my case they make absolutely sure none of my books roll out faulty.

How disappointed a child would be with missing print or an upside down page.

I am passionate about kids reading and would be heartbroken to think one of my books got to them in a substandard state! (If your child is a reluctant reader I have some great ways here to get them reading)

Quality checks though vision sensors ensure all my books go out perfectly. Amazing stuff.

You can take a look at his website for find out more about how these sensors work if this fascinates you as it does me.


Quality checks matter

We need quality checks in all our businesses don’t we to ensure what we are sending out is good enough for our consumers.

I guess proof reading my writing is the very old fashioned type of quality check – aggh! I have to admit I am not a fan of proof reading I wonder if a vision system could be installed in my house to check me! I do have Grammarly but it doesn’t always spot when I am not making any sense.

Quality checks matter – it means we get products we can trust and as a business owner and as a consumer this is vitally important. Imagine if your child’s care seat wasn’t quality checked! Doesn’t bear thinking about doe sit.

Technology is amazing, that’s a fact.

We often decry it, saying how it takes away from our life, but actually without it we would be far worse off.  I for one am very, very pleased vision sensors exist.


How artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve production quality is a collaborative post 


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