Quality Outdoor Garden Furniture

I have been looking at some quality outdoor garden furniture and there are a few things I wanted to share with you.

One of the most important thing I have leaned through my years of raising kids on a budget is that buying cheap is not always the best option.

I have bought cheap clothes that were torn and stained , scuffed and stretched after just one wear. I have been handed down quality clothes that managed to stylishly survive two kids. I bought a decent car that lasted me 10 years and a super cheap one that lasted me 10 months.

Can you see a pattern here?

I would always advocate that you should get the very best deal you can but I have also learnt that in some areas, such as cars, clothes and furniture … Quality Matters.

Let’s talk furniture.

I have had one good sofa and 4 rubbish ones and the same has gone for beds and outdoor furniture. I have lost count of the bad buys I made before this pretty obvious truth settled.

You need to buy great quality if you want something to last – especially with children and most especially if your product is going to get a lot of wear and tear.


Quality Outdoor Garden Furniture

We are currently in the market for some new  outdoor garden furniture as I said above, would you like to see what I have been looking at?


Lounging around

Our canvas loungers did not survive our teens and their many friends over the last 2 years so we are looking for something much more substantial and definitely smarter looking too.



I am loving the look of this cast aluminium lounger from Lazy Susan – doesn’t it look robust, whilst also looking  stylish. Exactly what my garden needs!


Tea for two

I also really like the look of this bistro set for morning coffee or a little lunch or even afternoon tea a deux.

This is also made from cast aluminium so it isn’t going to scratch or snap or weaken – it’s going to be weatherproof, durable and sturdy and importantly for busy me – low maintenance.



Family Fun

We have had so much fun round our garden table over the years from meals to games to late night chats. I do see it as an important piece of furniture in our family and as such I want it to look great and withstand time, spills and the weather and fit us all.


This large extendable table would be perfect

Are you in the market for some new quality outdoor garden furniture.


Read all about Quality Outdoor Garden Furniture

The reviews for these sets are fabulous. I would suggest if you are after quality outdoor garden furniture it pays to read the reviews and really get a sense of how good people are finding the product. They tell you so much more than an advert can.


Remember you want a good deal but quality really does matter.


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