Are private scans during pregnancy worth it?

I  had a scan early on in my pregnancy with my son because I was overwhelmed with anxiety. We paid privately to do this as the hospital could not see me till I was 14 weeks pregnant due to Christamas yet all I wanted for Christmas to was to see my baby.

I found an ultrasound scan provider quite easily and I was absolutely delighted to see my baby and his little heart beat. I had what is called an early scan. I think at the time we paid about £60 which was an awful lot to us. I think without it I may well have fretted all Christmas and probably totally spoilt it.

Great Grandma however thought this was very wierd and quite unnatural and to some degree that nature should just be allowed to take it’s course in private! I think she was secretly thinking ‘too much money, no sense’ wheras I was filled with wonder and reassurance that my little baby was alive.

My friend Nat had a 4D scan which was amazing. These are avaibale from about 24 weeks and are able to offer gender, approx weight and a fetal growth report with a little dvd of your baby in action.  These cost about £140 + and are definately a  pregnancy luxury item but a very cool one.  I wasn’t tempted though once I could feel my baby nmove I didn’t feel I needed extra scans but I did think this was pretty fantatsic to see.

Other options for scans include the nuchal scan, anomoly scans, dating scans, gender scans and presenttaion scans  for right at the end!  When I have asked people who have had scans why they did thay have said  it’s been for

the pictures


the reassurance.

None seemed to see it as a medical replacement.

When I had my daughter I had to be scanned at the hospital weekly . The novelty soon wore off!

Did you have an extra private scan? Do you think you should build this option into your baby budget? Or do you see it as uneccesary and a total luxury?


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