Animal Safari by Orchard Toys

I love playing games with my kids. All of us sat around our scruffy kitchen table spending time together, having fun, getting along. Okay thats’s the romantic version. In reality we do still get tantrums when one of us loses ( I won’t name names!) we lose the dice regularly and stop for lots of wee breaks. Despite this it is always a pleasure. We love to try out new games too.

We were sent Animal Safari form Orchard Toys to review and we were all really excited for tea to be done that day so we could play it. We are big Orchard Toys fans in theis house and we have quite a stash. they are really hard wearing, bright coloured, interesting toys (we are big fans of their jigsaw puzzle too they are our absolute favourite.)

Anyway to Animal Safari. 


The idea of Animal Safari is to find the most animals you can  by journeying your way around the board. Children are intrigued by wild animals and mine were hooked straight away. Fortunes change very quickly in this game as other players can get lucky and take your animals off you.

It’s actually quite a tactiacal maths game as you have to add your dice numbers together and work out the best way to move. This all passed my 3 year old by, she just liked collecting all the animals. My 6 year old however loved the adding up and showing off his developing maths skills, His strategic thinking will develop even further as we move into advanced game play. This will help him even more with his maths !   If there are five spaces to a viewing point and a six and a one are thrown then you can get to the viewing point by subtracting the one from the six too  He’s going to have to decide what is best. It’s great it can be played on differet levels and grow with your child. They so often out grow out of games and it so brilliant when games last the distance.

It’s an exciting game and suitable I think for the whole family. It took four of us about 20 minutes to play and my team won. Yay! 

Animal Safari costs £11.50 and is of excellent quality, tough and durable.

Our verdict:  A fun game for family night!

Animal Safari Orchard Toys



  1. March 5, 2011 / 3:09 pm

    We love Orchard Games here at AMR, having almost all the games they sell. They were mostly brought for us, so it’s quite frugal really ;0)

  2. Becky
    March 6, 2011 / 5:24 am

    Like your thinking Pip and yes these are really ace toys!

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