Am I ready for a bikini?

Shopping for me

As most of you will know I am at the beginning of a pretty huge weight loss journey. At week 7 of the diet i have now loast 21lb whuich I am over the moon about and I need some new clothes (hurray!) I love to shop at Next it is one of my favourite shops  for several reasons. The clothes are never too m wacky they are always quite classy and well made and the customer service is great. These things all matter to me these days. (Do I sound old??)

Next have a HUGE range of clothes which just wouldn’t fit in to the local store near me  so to see all they have to offer I look in the catalogue. Then I get my budgeting hat on and instead of buying form the catalogue or in store I go online and I do a search for a Next voucher code  by looking online

Getting a decent Next voucher code e.g 10% off my order means I always feel better about what I have boughtand although I may have to pay delivery i am saving money through the voucher code, and petriol and time. Its a win win. Now what shall I buy?  I don’t think I am quite ready for a bikini!

Shopping for kids

My friend has four children and always buy’s her shoes from Clarks. When I asked her if she used a Clarks voucher she looked at me in amazement and asked what’s that? I explained a voucher was a simple no fuss no obligation or  registration way to get a code giving you a discount by searching online. She was SO excited. She saved over £40 on her shoe shop. She still took the kids to have their feet measured but ordered online using a Clarks voucher to save money. Now that is savvy shoe shopping.



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