Acupuncture awareness week; My experience

This week is acupuncture awareness week and I was offered a complimentary treatment in exchange for an honest and open review.

My great friend Ruth (Dorkymum) had suggested this a year ago when I first became ill (I have bilateral diaphragmmatic paralysis which has reduced my lung capacity to under 50%). At the time I was feeling rubbish and lacking in energy and the thought of trying something new was a bit too much. Recently the doctors have told me there is little else they can do to make it better, the paralysis is what it is. Another friend again suggested acupuncture telling me it was time to look East.

It really felt like this review came at the right time!

I was scared I have to be honest the thought of needles begin stuck in my body didn’t thrill me!

My delightful 10 year old son went into school chanting ‘death by needle’ and cackling! and my daughter kept saying but won’t it hurt mummy?

They were not helping.

My thoughts on acupuncture amounted to this:

Chinese practice, ancient, pins in body to relieve problems, bit hippyish

So (with slight trepidation ) I went off to my session.

My therapist was Christine Lampon  was arm and friendly from the off. She asked me about my health and my life and was very sensitive in drawing a full picture of both from me.

She explained to me how acupuncture works and that it has been practised for over 3000 years! In a nutshell she explained that it is based on the theory that our health is dependant on the balance of our life energy (gi) which flows through channels under our skin, Acupuncture works with this energy to stimulate the healing actions of the body and restore natural balance.

Needles are inserted into into acupuncture points either for a second or two or for a while. They are very thin and don’t go deep at all. Nothing to worry about at all!


Acupuncture can be used to help with ….




breathing problems


sleep problems

and more

I was hoping mainly for help with my back which gets painful as i sleep on a ventilator and cannot move around much a t night (plus  other stressors)

After our consultation Chris took my pulse and placed needles across my back, some I hardly felt and a couple just twinged a little. It actually felt quite relaxing, which I wasn’t expecting.

Chris  told me how some people come for short courses, some come regularly depending on their desired outcomes.

Afterwards I felt relaxed and a little tired and I did sleep well that night. Chris recommended at least a few more sessions to work on my shoulder pains. I would definitely go back.

I am intrigued and no longer afraid.

Chris charges £35 per session which is about standard and is licensed and trained to degree level . She has a wealth of experience and makes you feel safe. I would highly recommend her.

Have at look at her website Natural Balance to find out more.

You can also find out the answers to any questions you may have at The British Acupucnture Council website.





  1. Martin Dean
    March 17, 2015 / 10:47 am

    A very nice review which reflects the actual experience of many. Your comment ‘I am intrigued and no longer afraid’ sums it up.

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