A money free way to deal with garden pests

Free way to deal with garden pests

I am not about to give you lots of organic gardening tips on how to deal with garden pests. I am no expert and to be honest I don’t like the thought of hurting things, even slimy snails!

No, I am going to give you a couple of tips on dealing with the pesky tiny human variety when you are trying to relax with a good book and a cup of tea in this little burst of sunshine. Here are my top budget friendly gardening activities to give you a bit of peace and keep the little ones happy.

Busy doing nothing…..
  • Let your child bring out all their little animals and create a jungle in your garden.
  • Let them have a teddy bears picnic, give them some raisins and water and a few cups and plates, they’ll be there for hours.
  • If they are older have them make a field journal spotting all the creatures in the garden and noting them down.
  • Set them up with water bowls, beakers and containers, put on their raincoat and wellies and let them have some fun
  • If you have some concrete, chalk can be great fun, if not just crayoning outside can be fab
  • An older child may enjoy scattering some wildflower seeds in their own little plot and making a little water bowl and bird feeding station (you may have to help initially but once they know what to do….)
  • A skipping rope, a pop up tunnel some balls, plastic duck in a washing up bowl….lots of toys can be entertaining just don’t over do it so they properly explore the ones they have.
  • A little spade and some soil in a tub is always a hit.

But my best tip is:

  • …………………………nothing. Children learnt to explore the natural world when they aren’t distracted or entertained away from it. Money can stunt their imagination so do think before you buy more garden toys or head off to paid for attractions. If you have some space let them just explore and they may well make their own fun. My son at 3 once sat watching a little group of ants for about an hour,

If you don’t have a garden, head on over to any green space with a blanket and give you and your little one a big burst of nature…( I hope it doesn’t start to rain now!)


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