A day out instead of a birthday party?

Last year for my son’s birthday he had a really small Lego party where the kids watched a Lego film and played a few Lego games and had a simple tea. Then we sent them searching for a giant brick in the garden to present to our little boy. Inside it said ‘Your party has now finished and we are off to Lego land!’ This day out was to be the main pressie. Having a big day out was actually quite a lot cheaper than a massive party. The year before we had 40 kids to a soft play centre. That would have been okay until you consider the food costs for 40 kids and the party bags!!!

The lovely thing about having the day out instead of big party was that it lasted longer and made a whole day of celebration and we were all together. Parties can last just 2 hours, take hours of preparation and you might barely see your child and OMG the stress!

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This year I’m thinking it would be wonderful to get Lion King tickets  and take the kids off to London for a big joint birthday day out. We can still have little patty teas at home but this would be the big present. We could spend the day at the Natural History Museum and picnicking in Hyde Park or maybe sail down the Thames and then go and see a musical?

Ticket.com is a great site to take a look at. It is really simple with lots of icons depicting the shows. You just choose the category of show you want then narrow it down, you pick the dates, prices and even the seating, You can book far in advance. I love simple websites with clear visual as and ticket.com is very straightforward to navigate.

I warn you though it’s very tempting ! I have just seen that the fabulous Tiger who came to Tea will be on soon and Mathilda the musical. How wonderful I love that story, ahem I mean the kids do!!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Complete & Unabridged (Book & CD)

Tickets seem to range from about £20-£60 so I think  with a budget hotel thrown in and train fare you’re certainly talking costs equivalent to a party. However remember to think creatively….

  • Could  a ticket could perhaps be a gift from someone?
  • Could you stay over with friends?
  • Could you drive or consider a coach?
  • Friends and family railcards can help you make huge savings

What a memorable thing to do for a birthday!


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