A budget way to be Oceanside

I really need some sea air. Our holiday is a way off still though and I have to say the weather here is the UK erratic to say the least. A day at the seaside here could be grey and gloomy indeed. I  I like the sea whatever the weather but it is quite a drive from Nottingham and if it rains well… everyone gets a tad grumpy.

So how do I get to be ocean side when stuck in the Midlands?

I have to recreate it in my home. A big bubble bath and an Oceanside Yankee candle will do the trick along with some mellow tunes and a great beach read. And justt for a little while I can drift away imagining the sunshine and the sea.

Yankee candle describe their Oceanside candle as


A quiet day at the beach . . . the warm, musky scent of calm sea air with touches of citrusy sunshine

It is not a strong aroma it is fresh and lovely and gentle and really does make you take a deep sigh of relaxation. I rather adore it!

As a ‘special’ this Oceanside candle is only around for a limited time. A large jar costs £19.99 and gives you 150 hours of fragrance.

Definitely a budget way to bring the seaside to you.


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