8 Tips for Flying with Toddlers and Young Kids

Travelling with a toddler or your young children can be a challenge if you are not adequately prepared.

Flying is not always the most pleasant experience if you have young children constantly calling for your attention. They don’t share our perception or patience for airport processes and despise sitting quietly for hours on end.

Fortunately, it is possible to enjoy a day of travel with minimal concern with proper preparation and planning.

Being a travel expert, especially with children, check how the author Caroline Grogerssen applies some straightforward strategies when flying with toddlers and young kids.


8 Tips for Flying with Toddlers and Young Kids

Take care of yourself out there

Manage how to travel with kids as much as you’d like, but never forget to take care of your well-being and comfort as well.

Regardless of which airport you fly from in Denmark, all offer excellent conditions for travelling with your family. While waiting for your flight, enjoy one of the lounges and relax with your little ones. 

Choose some good distraction on the tablet for them and, on your own, release that stress on a fun online casino in Denmark such as the ones you can find at https://dansk.casino/.

If you are more relaxed, with good planning and time for everything, it will be much easier to manage all the stresses of flying with kids.


Plan and plan some more

One of the essential things to do when traveling with kids is to be over-prepared. 

When packing, use a list guide and fill your bag with the essential things. Comfort pieces, sanitiser, wipes, diapers, smartphones/tablets, and your kids’ favourite movies are crucial. Add art supplies, games, and low sugar snacks, and you’re ready to go.

Buy water once you’re through check-in and, if possible, take extra clothes and any specific medicine that may be required – these things never happen at the appropriate moment.


Book an early morning departure

Morning flights are usually the best time to be flying with kids, mostly after you manage to sit them down on the aircraft. These flights are often less crowded and prone to delays. Since most passengers are tired, they tend to sleep. 

If at all possible, avoid flights with long layovers or overnight connections – unless you are feeling very, very lucky!


Tell your kids what to expect. 

Prepare your children for where you are going and even if they don’t understand, explain the steps they will have to go through at the airport. 

Make the trip seem like an adventure, but make sure your child understands that they must maintain their usual behaviour, avoiding talking to strangers or running around wildly. Children should always be with their families.

If unsure, there are also several videos you can watch on YouTube on how to travel with kids.


Consider using a smaller stroller 

Choose a small baby carriage and check the stroller at the gate on boarding. It will be waiting on you on the other side as you disembark.

If you have more than one child with you, consider using a baby carrier backpack, which makes air travel with toddlers easier and allows you to keep your hands free for another child or bag. 


Get ready for security

When packing, ensure that items required to be removed during security are easily accessible. Keep in mind that travelling with snacks will mean extra examination during the screening process. 

Also, remember that you can bring porridge, milk, or juice in reasonable quantities when facing air travel with toddlers.


Seat kids away from the aisle

Whenever possible, sit children on the window side. Besides being more entertained by the view, aisle seating can be dangerous for small children due to the heavy carts passing by. Also, do what you must to keep their little hands away from reach of hot coffee or water.


Beware of germs

When traveling with kids, especially with a toddler, wipe down everything. 

An aeroplane is a place where hundreds of people sit every day. No matter how clean it is, it’s still very prone to all kinds of germs. So, when air traveling with toddlers, try to sanitise everything you can. Above all else, never take your kids to the bathroom without shoes.  


Flying is fun. Flying is amazing. Remember that your little ones don’t realise all the involvement required to plan a trip with all the different airlines, baggage restrictions, security, tickets, and the stress regarding the flight itself. They are just quite excited about going for a trip and floating above the clouds. 

So, as complicated as it may sound, remind yourself that you love flying too and that you are doing something fun with your family. If you feel nothing is working, make them count how many passengers are on the flight; this usually works wonders!


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