7 Things That Make You The Best Parent Ever

Are you looking for things that make you the best parent ever?

Most couples feel delighted and just so lucky when they have a child. They will however traverse some unexplored territories not just during pregnancy but also after the baby is born. They will need to buckle up for a whole new life with their child.

The joy it brings to a couple’s life is unmatched. But it also carries with it a fair share of difficulties, challenges and responsibilities. Becoming parents can be one bumpy ride to success. Once your child opens their eyes to the world, there is no running away from it. You have to raise your child in a way that they can strive, thrive and survive in this wild world.

Read ahead to find the 7 things that make you a good parent.


Positive attention

Pay positive attention to what your kid needs or is trying to communicate with you. When you ignore a child’s demands or react negatively with anger, your child might eventually start mimicking the parent or suppressing their emotions out of fear or hurt. This can cause stress at a very young age. 


Read them stories

Children can be attentive listeners. When you make it a regular practice to read books/stories aloud to your kid during bedtime or even otherwise, it stimulates their imagination, develops their listening and understanding. Over time they also develop the ability to communicate better and differentiate between good and bad.


Encourage your child with praise and rewards

 Instead of punishments for any wrongdoing, reward your child with positivity and appreciation to encourage good habits and behavior . Deviate your child from its weaknesses and assist it to utilise its full potential in acquiring some new talents.

Teach your child how to protect themselves

Teach your child how to distinguish between safe and unsafe situtations. Encourage them to tell you if anyone’s touch or presence  might make them feel uncomfortable or weird. Teach your child the importance of trusting their gut and trusting his/her instinct whenever in doubt.


Do not compare the child with siblings or contemporaries

As a parent, when you compare your child to others to set an example, it might well end up being counterproductive. It will probably make your child feel inadequate and insecure. This can lead some children to sulk or stress, while some may resort to attracting negative attention from you. To many children, any attention is better than being ignored. Avoid comparing them to other children to keep them away from emotions of envy and jealousy. Ensure that your children know that they are loved and will are just fabulous as they are


Get medical help /psychological when is your child’s behaviours get out of control

Sometimes despite your best efforts your child will need expert help.

Symptoms of ADHD for example, can start at a very young age and continue even after a child reaches adulthood. If your child shows signs of focusing difficulties at school, impulsivity and hyperactivity, do call out for help before the child gets labelled as naughty.

If you child need support early intervention makes a huge difference


Name Change

 You can resort to changing your child’s name if that’s  what they want when they are grown but do try and encourage them to embrace the name you have given them and understand why you chose it.  


Carve out time with your partner and yourself

Growing a family with time can be stressful and all consuming. Check-in with yourself and your partner to make sure that you’re holding on while raising your child. When you’re content with your life, it gets easier to focus on things that demand your attention. Make date night a priority.


Focus on your kindness being bigger than your judgement

To understand what I mean by this come and watch my TEDx talk on how to raise kind kids


and for more tips on raising kinds kids and putting kindness at the heart of your parentage take a look here.


Perseverance and patience are the keywords that shine the brightest when you’re rearing a child. Hold on to it, not just for your child and partner but also for yourself.


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