7 Foods to Avoid on a Vegan Diet

Foods to Avoid on a Vegan Diet – Veganism is soaring in popularity at the moment. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that it is the best diet to follow to help the environment, and of course, to be kinder to animals.

However, what exactly do we need to avoid on a vegan diet? If you’re just starting to research this diet, this helpful article will show you what you can’t eat – and how to find substitutes!


Foods to Avoid on a Vegan Diet


This is the most obvious one – vegans do not eat any meat. This includes chicken, lamb, beef, pork, and any other type of meat.

If you are a big meat eater but want to try veganism, don’t fret – there are plenty of meat alternatives available, some of which are incredibly realistic! Many of these substitutes are purpose-made fake meat, but you can also make tofu and tempeh, two vegan sources of protein, taste like meat.

Top tip: To make tofu taste like meat, make sure that you use a tofu press like those sold on https://tofubud.com. If you press your tofu, it will absorb surrounding flavors.



As well as meat, vegans avoid fish like trout, salmon, and cod, and seafood such as squid, lobster, and crab.

You might also find fish sauce as an ingredient in some food. Fish sauce is used a lot in Asian cuisine, so make sure that any Asian sauces or mixes you purchase do not contain fish.

There are some debates about mussels, with some people following a vegan diet happy to eat them as there are reports that they can’t feel pain, and therefore they will not know when they are being killed for meat. However, most vegans consider mussels animals and will not eat them.


Eggs – Foods to Avoid on a Vegan Diet

Eggs are a no-go on a vegan diet, whether they are from chickens, ducks, quails, or any other animal. Again, some people debate whether having eggs from their own well-kept chickens is ethical. However, most vegans consider any eggs to be taken from animals, so they will not consume them.


Foods to Avoid on a Vegan Diet


Lots of products contain dairy – here’s a list of the most popular ones:

  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Ice Cream

If you’re concerned about giving any of these up, there are many dairy-free alternatives nowadays. Milk substitutes can be made from soybeans, almonds, oats, or cashews, and these types of milk can then make other dairy substitute products.

Milk, or milk powder, can also hide in other food. Check the label for things like chips, sweets, and packet mixes to ensure that they don’t contain dairy.

Foods to Avoid on a Vegan Diet


As honey comes from bees, it is also prohibited on a vegan diet. Again, some people who eat a plant-based diet consume honey – but as there are ethical concerns for eating it, most vegans do not.

Check that honey isn’t an ingredient in sweets, cakes, and smoothies – sometimes it will be the only thing that makes an item of food non-vegan, so watch out!

Instead of honey, you could use sweeteners like maple syrup or agave syrup, both of which are vegan.



Gelatine is a gummy substance that gives texture to candy and other foods. It comes from the collagen of an animal. You can also find gelatine in Jell-O, cake mixes, and even wine.

However, there are vegan versions of all of these – and some big brands have stopped using gelatine in their recipes as a response to the increasing amount of people becoming vegan.


Some sauces

Quite a few sauces aren’t vegan because they contain the food mentioned above. Here’s a list of sauces to watch out for, including some surprising ones!

  • Worcestershire Sauce or English Sauce, which contains anchovies!
  • Horseradish sauce, which usually includes cream.
  • Ranch dressing, which contains dairy.
  • Mayonnaise, which is made from eggs.

Don’t worry if any of these sauces are your favorites – you can easily get vegan varieties in most large superstores or specialty vegan stores.


What restaurants can I eat at as a vegan?

An increasing number of restaurants are bringing out new foods each year. However, the availability of restaurants with vegan options will vary depending on your area – large cities will generally have lots of options, whereas smaller towns are less likely to. You can use the app HappyCow to find vegan restaurants near you.

While there are some things that you should avoid on a vegan diet, it doesn’t have to be too limiting. Once you know what you need to avoid, you’ll be able to shop easily and efficiently! Hopefully, this list has given you a little guidance and has made you feel more confident as a newbie vegan.

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