5 Ways To Save Money When Selling A Home

When you’re selling your home every penny counts. A property is a big investment and you’ll want to be sure you get the best possible price to make the most out of it.

Ways To Save Money When Selling A Home

With that in mind, you’ll want to avoid shelling out too much in fees and costs along the way. These will only eat into your profits and leave the money in the hands of someone else such as an estate agent.

So, how can you save money during the sale process? Here’s five top tips to take on board:


Price strategy

You need a strategy when it comes to the price of your house. You could waste a lot of time, effort and money by putting a home on the market and sitting for months while no-one takes much notice because it’s perceived to be too expensive.

Not only do you need to set this at a realistic level but you also need to brace yourself for offers below your asking price. Indeed the average discount on the original asking price in the UK is said to be more than £25,000. When you set the amount you wish to sell your home for you need to have a lower figure in mind that you won’t drop below. Failure to have a plan could end up in you making a rash decision and selling up for less than is necessary – leaving you out of pocket.


Shop around for a deal

Don’t be afraid of shopping around when it comes to estate agents or solicitors. Their fees and charges can be pretty sizeable so it’s worth seeing if you can get a good deal. You could even haggle over the cost of this if you find a solicitor who you like/trust.


Avoid estate agents

Of course you can avoid estate agents and their fees entirely if you try a different route. By turning to companies such as We Buy Any Home you can stop wondering ‘how will I sell my house?’ and bank a fair price within a few days without any extra fees, and move on with your life.


Call in some favours

When you sell a house you will need to arrange to move out and into your next property. That, as you’ll know from moving in, can be a stressful and expensive weekend. Use this as the time in which you call in all those favours from friends. The assistance they can give you in shifting boxes and transporting your possessions can be worth its weight in gold.


Small fixes not big gestures

Before you move out you’ll want to get your house ready for the sale. This will involve spending some money so it’s important to prioritise some things over others. Fix any problems with your house but try to avoid redecorating or renovating. This will cost a lot for something that won’t bring you the full benefit and might not do much to attract a buyer – who will want to stamp their own authority on the property anyway. A bit of WD40 on a creaky door and tightening a tap can make a big difference for very little cost.



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