5 ideas for Valentines Day on a budget

Valentines on a budget

We would all love to make a grand gesture on Valentine’s day and show our partners how much we love them. These days we often need to keep things simple and on budget whereas before we may have splurged. But, as always, there are ways and means.

Here are my top 5 valentine treats that just cost effort and creativity:

1. Gift your partner a treat day off – give them a little voucher entitling them to the following: A day to lie in and have breakfast in bed, no child care responsibilities, all the meals cooked and all the chores done and complete freedom to do as they please. I received this once and it was HEAVENLY.

2. Create a home spa for your other half. Run them a big scented hot bubbly bath and light around it with candles. Put their most favourite music on and make them a lovely snack tray. Heat the towels on the radio and lat out clean Pj’s for them. You could even offer to wash their hair for them. After help them moisturise, perhaps a little massage…

3. Time to walk together – ask a friend to trade you a baby sit so you and your partner can go for a walk hand in hand on Valentines day. Go somewhere lovely, feed the ducks, fly a kite or just be together and talk. 1-2 hrs will be plenty of time to reconnect and get your cheeks all pink. (You could always finish off with a little hot choc somewhere cosy.)

4. Organise a lovely romantic meal (at home). Make their most favourite meal and ban them from the kitchen so they have no idea. Wait till the children are in bed and set the table as if the Queen was coming! Best of everything, candles, music and chairs close together. You are aiming for seductive culinary delights!

5. Special cuddles for Valentines make everyone happy and don’t cost a thing. Look and smell your most ravishing and INSIST on an early night (together).

Happy Valentines Day everyone…. you don’t need money to make it magical (but DO get/make a card) or you may well be in BIG trouble x


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