4 tips for traveling to Ibiza with kids

Today – tips for traveling to Ibiza with kids

Even though Ibiza is probably most famous for its summer-long parties and exciting night life, this actually only applies to the main towns of Ibiza and San Antonio in peak-season. Other areas of the island provide a calm and peaceful family-friendly environment all year long, with beautiful sandy beaches and many activities which the whole family can enjoy – everything from glass-bottomed boat rides, hiking and biking, to adventure- and waterparks.  Families love to come to Ibiza for fun-filled vacations that bring parents and kids closer together.


Vehicle rental in Ibiza


Tips for traveling to Ibiza with kids

We’ve prepared some useful tips on how to make your family trip to Ibiza the most fun and stress-free. Follow these 4 tips and we guarantee you that Ibiza will become your families favorite vacation destination!

TIP #1: Be prepared

Good preparation and planning is crucial when traveling with your family. If you were used to just “winging it” when you were younger, it’s not something you can afford when your families happiness is at stake. Make sure that you have the whole trip planned out to a T – the travel plans, where you will stay and what activities you will engage in.


TIP #2: Book ahead

Airplane tickets to Ibiza in mid-season can be quite expensive, but if you book your flight early in the year, you can get a very good first minute offer. Same goes for your accommodation – find a place with good reviews, close to the beach and somewhere outside of town, and book early – this guarantees that you will get the best for your money. If you’re planning on hiring a car, you should book your rental car at least 4-8 weeks in advance to ensure you get the exact type of vehicle that suits you and your family best. Don’t forget to specify if you need a baby seat or a child booster seat in your booking. We recommend that you use an online comparison tool like Vehicle Rent, to get the best possible deals. Vehicle Rent is one of the most useful online tool for booking a rental car (leading car international rental brands) on best deal in more than 75 countries and also offers a loyalty program where you can save money simply by booking your car through them, as well as by writing reviews and inviting friends to check out the comparison site.

TIP #3: Make a vacation plan

Most of us make a travel plan which guides us through the first and last day of vacation – when we should leave the house, arrive at the airport, how we should entertain our kids during the flight, etc. But once we’ve arrived to our vacation spot, we start running around like chickens without heads on, trying to see and experience everything we possibly can. And this can be extremelly stressful! Make a plan in advance – a daily itinerary of activities which will guide you through your vacation smoothly. Ibiza has a lot to see, so make a map of locations that you want to visit and rationalize your trip by planning activities in one part of the island for one day, and activities on another part of the island for another day. This way you can spend less time driving around from one place to another and more time actually enjoying your stay!

TIP #4: Rent a car

If you want to experience Ibiza and everything it has to offer, you should hire a car rental that you can use to get from one side of the island to another. Why would you go to the one nearest beach to your accommodation, when you can enjoy different beaches on all sides, drive to the best restaurants in the main town and then retreat into the more rural part of Ibiza for some peace and quiet? Renting a car in Ibiza means more options and even provides you with the possibility to ditch your itinerary and do a little exploring on your own.


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